Dahua IVSS and SkyHawk™ AI

For Smart Video Surveillance Servers

4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video is becoming widespread in video surveillance thanks to its ability to capture fine details over broad areas of coverage. But with higher resolution comes a greater need for storage.

Discover how Seagate’s SkyHawk surveillance-optimised hard drives, paired with Dahua’s Intelligent Video Surveillance Servers (IVSS), solves both performance and efficiency concerns.

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Discover the partnership

From real-time facial recognition to deep learning to user-friendly operation, Dahua and Seagate have teamed up to deliver the next wave of smart surveillance.

• Experience dramatically shortened query times from powerful GPU

• Enjoy compatibility and fewer plugin conflicts thanks to new PC client software

• Deploy more easily with preview, storage, playback, and AI-video analysis in one device

Seagate Partner Program for Surveillance Professionals

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